June 12, 2017

Diving into the pain

If ignorance continues, the illusion will be deep
Captured by the automatic flow of thought and feeling
Completely identified with myself
All these wild associations and negative emotions, how can I let go?

Restless, hungry and dissatisfied
Still thinking about a solution
But 'I want no more pain' is the ultimate form of self-deception

Learn to behave in deepest distress
Giving up our own will
Be awake, feel the prison!

It is spiritual madness
Way down in the hole
Our soul in 'Hades'
Protected by the Goddess of Wisdom
Diving into the pain in order to be free
Grief is nutrition for compassion

Freeing from corruption
Vanquishing of demons
Resurrection of the dead
Raising up those who are chained
Tasting eternity

Openness is opening
Lucency is radiating
Being nowhere and everywhere.

~Nishmat Chayim

May 15, 2017

The Breath of Life

Homage to the primordial groundless depth of tenderness and intuition.

Listen, lovers of wisdom, there are fellows who apply their effort looking only outside, imagining themselves to be seeking truth in the world. They deceive themselves.

Dear fellows, do not be deceived. Do not care so much what you want and who you are. To seek wisdom is to lose wisdom. Look inside and have a genuine insight, seeing your own spacious nature, unchanging and spontaneously present.

Stand alone, clearly before the eyes, and listen deeply. You are nowhere obstructed. With an empty mind, bound to nothing, dancing in an open and clear field of creativity and grounded as an unshakeable mountain, wondrous and unborn.

As a lover of wisdom, I am entering into the Inconceivable.
In search for inner freedom. Touched by the Breath of Life.
Excitatory, with a gentle heat and an arrow of light
penetrating my heart and finding my inner journey home.

~Nishmat Chayim